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"In today's complex global business market, mastering effective and dynamic communication skills in English are the key to establishing successful business affairs worldwide."

Ken Samuels

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The I.D. method was proudly founded in 2001. Today, InteractiveDynamics has presently grown into a very competitive company. I.D. specializes in  a wide variety of communication seminars that all aim to facilitate business interactions in a  national and/or international context. Our expertise and innovative programs have been implemented and recommended by numerous large multi-national corporations.

Our broad range of communication seminars are based upon a distinctive approach.  By integrating a proven psychological learning method (Behavior Modification Program), together with selected innovative and interactive theatrical techniques,  I.D. ensures  measured progress and allows for an extremely dynamic and enjoyable interpersonal experience.

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The InteractiveDynamics Method “The I.D. Method”,  is implemented by a motivated and creative group of highly qualified bilingual Anglophone professionals with diverse backgrounds based in management, language, sociology, psychology and entertainment.

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InteractiveDynamic’s  goal  is to create an innovative and stimulating learning environment where our varied corporate clients can rapidly improve their communication skills. The authentic I.D. method enables the participants to enhance their credibility and build their confidence in order to improve their overall...

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